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Located on an island measuring just 3 miles in length and less than ½ mile wide, Pirates’ Rest is surrounded by crystal clear ocean waters with some of the most spectacular beaches in the world.

Each with its own individual flavor and appeal, visitors can always find a white sandy stretch of beach they can call there own.

The breathtaking ocean beach runs the entire length of Green Turtle Cay, and is only 6-8 minute walk from Pirates’ Rest. It’s a favorite for beachcombers in search of tropical shells and driftwood. Watch the waves hammer the coral reef 500 feet offshore. This reef also provides for great snorkeling.

Visit Brendal’s Dive Center to experience the sea and the coral reefs surrounding the beautiful island of Abaco in The Bahamas. They are only a short walk from Pirates’ Rest.

Coco Bay, a 3 minute walk from Pirates’ Rest, has calm, shallow waters, and is a great place for kids, or to practice snorkeling. Bonefish can also be located here. Click on www.abacoflyfish.com.

Gillian Bay, located at the southern tip of the Island, is also a must to see. See where the coconut trees meet the sea of Abaco.

Enjoy a drink at the Green Turtle Club Beach Bar, while looking at sailing vessels moored in the harbor.

The white sandy beaches and the often changing shades of the turquoise ocean are something you will remember forever.

Thumbnail on left looks from north to south,
while thumbnail on right looks from south to north.
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D&P Golf Carts, White Sound, 242 365-4655, dmcintosh@oil.net

T&A Rentals TandArentals@hotmail.com

(It is highly recommended that reservations be made prior to your visit)


The flats are home to the elusive bonefish. Fishing for grouper and snapper is excellent for those wishing to fish the reefs.

Local fishing guides are available to personalize all your fishing needs.

Ricky Sawyer (242-365-4261) reef and bone fishing
Ronny Sawyer (242-365-4070) bone fishing
Joe Sawyer (242-365-4173) reef fishing
Lincoln Jones (242-365-4223) fishing & snorkel beach cook-out.
Eddie Bodie (242-365-4069) fishing and beach picnics.

(It is highly recommended that reservations be made prior to your visit)


The gin clear Abaco waters offer spectacular diving and snorkeling. The numerous wrecks and caverns provide advanced divers an unforgettable experience. Brendal’s Dive Center (242-365-4411), a member of the PADI Resort Association, is located close to The Pirates’ Rest and offers all levels of certification and specialty courses.


Golf – Take a 20 minute water ferry ride followed by a 10 minute taxi ride to the 18 hole, 72 par, 6,985 yards, Dick Wilson designed Championship Treasure Cay Golf Course on mainland Abaco. Rated “#1 Golf Course In The Bahamas” – Golf Digest (June 1999).


Small Boats – Rent a small boat and go snorkeling, diving, or fishing. Visit the surrounding Cays and settlements. Explore deserted islands and secret coves used by 17th Century pirates, Civil War blockade-runners and the Smugglers of Prohibition. Donny’s Boat Rentals (242-365-4119), 3 day minimum during holidays, Reef Rentals (242-365-4145, rentals@batelnet.bs ), 3 day minimum for advanced bookings. *Note – It is highly recommended that arrangements be made in advance; there are only a limited number of boats available.


» Make a reservation ahead of time for golf carts, boat hire or fishing guides.
» Bring light clothing, shorts, t-shirts, bathing suit, sunscreen , snorkel gear for day time. For evening, casual sweater or light jacket. If dining at the Yacht Club, the club   prohibits T-Shirts , cut off shorts and tank tops.
» The weather is very similar to south Florida, slightly cooler in summer and slightly warmer in winter .
» You can clear immigration with a passport, drivers license, or birth certificate.
» The U.S. dollar is on a par with Bahamian dollar and is accepted everywhere.
» Electricity is same current type as in the US.
» Save out $15.00 per person for a departure tax. (This fee may now be included in your air fare.)



OR CALL (925) 878-5608